Metis d.d. employs a total of 150 employees. It encourages cooperation and team work at all levels in order to exchange knowledge, experience and to find most favourable business solutions. The company supports the code of ethics in its business operations. It is one of the rare companies that has managed to fight the modern trends of constant fluctuation of employees, by continuous investment in its intellectual capital.

Many Metis employees remain working in the company until their retirement, upon which they are free to enrol in Metis Pensioners’ Association, staying connected with the company.

Metis Pensioners’ Association was established on 6 December 2006. It has 96 members, all retired Metis employees. Every year a reunion is organized. The pensioners are always invited to celebrations, anniversaries or informal encounters organized by Metis or its current employees. In this way, there is a synergy of former and current generations which sets foundations for future generations.

Regardless of the advanced technological equipment, the most valuable asset in Metis are its employees who contribute to the company’s success and development with their dedicated work and permanent training.

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