Citizens can bring and sell waste (only from their own property) to our facilities. Metis will buy the following waste in accordance with the valid pricelist:

  • various types of metal (iron, aluminium, tin, copper, brass, zinc, lead)
  • cables
  • paper
  • plastic (recycling types)
  • edible oils
  • batteries
  • old vehicles
  • large household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, driers, electrical stoves, dishwashers and similar)

For more information, citizens should directly call our facilities.

  • Kukuljanovo
    Telephone: 051/301-035
  • Rijeka
    Telephone: 051/343-042
  • Pula
    Telephone: 052/219-770
  • Ogulin
    Telephone: 047/522-701
  • Otočac
    Telephone: 053/746-240

For many years the primary activity of Metis was disposal of non- hazardous waste. As a leading company for collection of metal waste, Metis has established its activities in 4 counties with warehouses in all of them (Primorje- Gorski Kotar, Istria, Karlovac and Lika- Senj Counties). Today, Metis collects and disposes of all types of non- hazardous waste:

  • Metals
  • Plastic (all types)
  • Wood
  • Tyres
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Waste edible oil
  • Biodegradable waste from restaurants and similar facilities
  • Various types of non- hazardous industrial waste
  • E-waste

As direct exporters of hazardous waste we provide best solutions to our partners. We collect and dispose of all types of hazardous waste except medical infective and radioactive waste. Pursuant to an agreement with the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, we are authorized to accept waste motor oils, batteries, asbestos waste and E- waste.

We also accept the following types of hazardous waste:

  • paints, varnishes, resins, fuel oil, bitumen
  • glues
  • greases and waxes
  • packaging with trails of hazardous substances
  • oiled filters
  • toners
  • absorbent materials (rags, chamber filters, papers, foils and similar)
  • solvents, diluents
  • photo- chemicals
  • laboratory and other chemicals
  • acids, lye
  • waste industrial waters
  • galvanic sludge, oiled sludge and other sludge
  • oiled waters
  • batteries
  • condensers with PCB
  • metals contaminated with hazardous substances
  • other hazardous waste

Besides disposing of waste, Metis owns 2 tank trucks with high- pressure pumps of 8 and 6 m3 used for technological cleanings. Operators engaged in these jobs have long experience at similar jobs.

The following cleanings are offered by Metis:

  • cleaning of kitchen fat separators
  • cleaning of septic tanks and bio discs
  • cleaning of mineral oil separators
  • tank- van cleaning
  • pumping of motor oil and other liquid waste
  • canal cleaning

A lot of shops have to meet requirements for write- off and destruction of goods with certain defects or expired term of consumption. The goods that had been falsified and impounded must also be destroyed. Metis owns machines that destroy goods in order to prevent them to appear on the market again.

  • household appliances with defects
  • food and beverages with expired term of consumption
  • falsified goods
  • weapons
  • pyrotechnical items
  • narcotics and medicines
  • goods written off in inventories

Documents that companies, hospitals, schools and similar institutions keep for years due to the legal requirements, containing confidential information, need to be destroyed. Metis is happy to accept the files and destroy them in order to maintain confidentiality. The used paper will be recycled.

Metis d.d. has been authorized by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund to perform the following activities:

  • activity of collecting waste electric and electronic devices and equipment for the territory of Primorje- Gorski Kotar, Istria and Lika- Senj Counties- large households appliances
  • activity of collecting waste vehicles in the territory of Republic of Croatia
  • activity of collecting waste batteries in the territory of Republic of Croatia
  • activity of collecting waste tyres in the territory of Republic of Croatia
  • activity of collecting waste lubricants in the territory of Republic of Croatia
  • activity of collecting waste primary packaging (PET, glass, metals and other polymers) for the territory of Primorje- Gorski Kotar, Istria and Lika- Senj Counties
  • activity of collecting, i.e. temporary storing and transport of packaging waste (paper, cardboard and multi- layer packaging, joint and transport waste packaging made of wood, textile and other packaging materials) for the territory of Primorje- Gorski Kotar, Istria and Lika- Senj Counties
  • authorized collector of construction waste containing asbestos


Metis owns a device for washing dirty packaging (KB 150110*). We provide services of washing IBC tanks, barrels larger than 20 l, contaminated with chemicals, oils and similar materials. Such waste is washed and turned into plastic or metal which are further processed into material that is later used in production. We can wash the following for you:

  • IBC tanks (plastic tanks of 1000 L)
  • Plastic barrels (200 L)
  • Metal barrels (200 L)
  • Tanks (30,50,60 L)

To our partners we provide assistance in keeping records of environmental protection. Frequent changes of the Law and Rulebooks require constant education of employees in companies. For our business partners we follow the legal regulatory rules, educate them and prepare all necessary documentation. If you need professional help, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact: 051/218-515

Metis sells safety equipment and is the authorized representative and distributer of leading Croatian and foreign manufacturers. Particular offer comprises sewing of protective clothing, jackets, uniforms at special request and of special design, all according to the preferences and demands of the customers, including embroidery and printing services.

When we make the clothing, the selection of fabrics meets the requirements set by the jobs involved, all in line with valid legal regulations.


Mark “Croatian Quality” promotes factory “Jelen” from Čakovec, which has been represented by Metis in County Primorje- Gorski Kotar and Istria for many years. They offer a vast range of protective shoes, boots and footwear for special safety conditions.


Metis also offer protective footwear Sixton and Safety Jogger.


In exhibition halls in Kukuljanovo and Pula you can see the large offer of protective shoes for all purposes, working clothes and other safety equipment.
Contact: 051/301-020




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